It’s Been a While – 25/11/19

Hi everyone, sorry that I have not been able lately to post anything for a few months. But I have been juggling a busy life of uni life, my internship and unfortunately I have been facing discrimination for a few months. Not just as a British African-Caribbean but as a British African-Caribbean female.

I find, sometimes, that some people from minority groups make the same misassumptions as people from the majority groups. There is a term for this, called pluralistic ignorance. I did not know this term existed, but it does. You can Google it.

All I know is, everyone should think independently, and analyse the situation before acting upon a assumptions.

Get to know different types of people and place yourself into their shoes.

In aid of this, I would like to encourage people, if you find that social media is absorbing your life, then step away from it for a few days and concentrate on yourself. Being unique is more important than being like everyone else. Find a hobby, discover a talent you never knew you had, join a social group or society, and go outdoors more often.

I have found a few hobbies and talents within myself, and I believe it encourages me to be the best person I can be.

Just remember. There is only one you.

Published by Minnie101

Trying to bring awareness to help others

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