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New Year’s Resolution – 02/01/20

2019 has officially passed and it’s the second day in 2020. This means new beginnings to a new year. Well…..hopefully. The tradition of making a a goal or resolution for the new year can be an exciting thought for some people, but hard to maintain for the majority after a few months. According to research says that approximately 60% of the public make a new year’s resolution, but only 8% successfully achieve their goals; with eating healthier, exercising more and losing weight as the top three resolutions.

However, it’s uncommon to hear resolutions about being a nicer person, striving to be an individual, being more open minded and using social media less frequently.

It’s a shame that these resolutions are not so popular, considering the increase of mental health amongst young people in this era.

So I would like to encourage everyone, especially young people, to discover more what this world has to offer. Other than social media. The world is full of beautiful views and sceneries, and at the same time, you might discover something new about yourself. 

Image result for nature"

Therefore, in my opinion the first New year’s resolution goal for everyone in 2020, especially young people, should be to appreciate your individuality and respect others.


Published by Minnie101

Being unique is part of being human

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