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Fenty Beauty – Review

Fenty Beauty is revolution within the makeup industry, discovered by the singer Rihanna that is tailed for all skin types and colour. The most famous product is her matte and hydrating pro filt’r foundation that is available in various shades, which includes a wide range of deep shades.

Image result for fenty beauty pro filtr matte foundation
Fenty Beauty – Soft matte Pro Filt’r shades

As a female I would reccommend this product since I have found the colour that is the closest match to my own skin tone, compared to other products. However, some people need to remember that our skin tone changes depending on the weather and season. So we need to have various shades of foundation. For example, during the winter our skin may become lighter, compared to summer where our skin may become more tanned or darker.

Overall, pro filt’r is a nice, comfortable and buildable foundation to be worn. Also I would recommend her pro filt’r face primer, especially if you have oily skin, the matte and retouch primer may help to reduce excess oil. Good job RiRi.


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