Blogging University: Week 1 fundamentals of blogging – Day 1

So, I decided to sign up to the wordpress blogging university so I could learn more about blogging as a beginner. So this blog will give an quick summary of why I decided to start blogging. I guess being a university student I have heard from others how blogging is a good therapeutic route forContinue reading “Blogging University: Week 1 fundamentals of blogging – Day 1”

New Year’s Resolution – 02/01/20

2019 has officially passed and it’s the second day in 2020. This means new beginnings to a new year. Well…..hopefully. The tradition of making a a goal or resolution for the new year can be an exciting thought for some people, but hard to maintain for the majority after a few months. According to inc.comContinue reading “New Year’s Resolution – 02/01/20”

It’s Been a While – 25/11/19

Hi everyone, sorry that I have not been able lately to post anything for a few months. But I have been juggling a busy life of uni life, my internship and unfortunately I have been facing discrimination for a few months. Not just as a British African-Caribbean but as a British African-Caribbean female. I find,Continue reading “It’s Been a While – 25/11/19”

The new “Harriet” film 2019: relating to the life of Harriet Tubman – 29/11/19

Hi all On Monday 25th November I went to see the new film called ‘Harriet’, based upon the real story of heroic abolitionist Harriet Tubman, also known as ‘Minty’, for freeing slaves through a system called the Underground Railroad. This film reveals the determination, perseverance, hope and faith Harriet Tubman expressed in order to beContinue reading “The new “Harriet” film 2019: relating to the life of Harriet Tubman – 29/11/19″

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