A mini book review and an encouragement to young Black British adults

I thought I would do a mini book review regarding a book I have recently read by Reni Eddo-Lodge, called “Why I no longer speak to white people about race”. The title is quite bold, but she explains in the book that she means she is tired of explaining racism or justifying herself to thoseContinue reading “A mini book review and an encouragement to young Black British adults”

Black Awareness and Self Worth

I understand this is a touchy subject for some, but with everything that has been happening, especially with the black lives matter movement and my personal experience, I believe this is an important topic. In my opinion, I see black awareness as part of an understanding that black people are not just classed as aContinue reading “Black Awareness and Self Worth”

It’s Been a While – 25/11/19

Hi everyone, sorry that I have not been able lately to post anything for a few months. But I have been juggling a busy life of uni life, my internship and unfortunately I have been facing discrimination for a few months. Not just as a British African-Caribbean but as a British African-Caribbean female. I find,Continue reading “It’s Been a While – 25/11/19”

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