#Eat out to help out – In the UK

As some of us are aware, some restaurants and pubs have financially suffer due to the lockdown. So, in the UK, restaurants have provided discounts to customers who eat in. I would like to say, if you have any free time and you can afford to eat out, please support and help out by eatingContinue reading “#Eat out to help out – In the UK”

Black Awareness and Self Worth

I understand this is a touchy subject for some, but with everything that has been happening, especially with the black lives matter movement and my personal experience, I believe this is an important topic. In my opinion, I see black awareness  as part of an understanding that black people are not just classed as aContinue reading “Black Awareness and Self Worth”

Film Review – Gemini Man

I know it has been a while since I have reviewed a film, but I recently saw the film Gemini Man with the actor Will Smith on Google Play. I have to admit, the excellent acting alongside the great story line is brilliant. Just in case for those who haven’t seen the film. It’s basedContinue reading “Film Review – Gemini Man”

Video link – Are you lost in a world like me?

I cannot say much, but the video link below from YouTube is a small incite of what is happening within our social society, especially amongst the young generation. This video did leave me speechless for a few seconds, but I think Steve Cutts was brave for illustrating this concern. Please see the link below andContinue reading “Video link – Are you lost in a world like me?”

Week 2 Fundamentals of blogging: Writing a prompt – Assumption

So one of my challenges I signed up to by the blogging university is to write a prompt. Therefore, I decided to relate this blog upon the word – Assumption. In my opinion, everyone, including myself, make assumptions based upon their five senses; see, hear, touch, smell and taste. Certain factors can influence our assumptionsContinue reading “Week 2 Fundamentals of blogging: Writing a prompt – Assumption”

Fenty Beauty – Review

Fenty Beauty is revolution within the makeup industry, discovered by the singer Rihanna that is tailed for all skin types and colour. The most famous product is her matte and hydrating pro filt’r foundation that is available in various shades, which includes a wide range of deep shades. As a female I would reccommend thisContinue reading “Fenty Beauty – Review”

New Year’s Resolution – 02/01/20

2019 has officially passed and it’s the second day in 2020. This means new beginnings to a new year. Well…..hopefully. The tradition of making a a goal or resolution for the new year can be an exciting thought for some people, but hard to maintain for the majority after a few months. According to inc.comContinue reading “New Year’s Resolution – 02/01/20”

The new “Harriet” film 2019: relating to the life of Harriet Tubman – 29/11/19

Hi all On Monday 25th November I went to see the new film called ‘Harriet’, based upon the real story of heroic abolitionist Harriet Tubman, also known as ‘Minty’, for freeing slaves through a system called the Underground Railroad. This film reveals the determination, perseverance, hope and faith Harriet Tubman expressed in order to beContinue reading “The new “Harriet” film 2019: relating to the life of Harriet Tubman – 29/11/19″

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